Kamis, November 19, 2009

Doctoral Position (Research and Teaching Assistant)

Chair of Professor J. Goeree
University of Zurich (Switzerland)

The candidate is expected to do research during a period of four years leading to a doctoral
thesis. In addition, he or she will be involved in teaching activities. A bachelor’s or master’s
degree in economics, mathematics or physics is required. The focus of the research in our
group is on microeconomics, in particular, auction theory and mechanism design. We
encourage applications of young researchers who want to benefit from and contribute to a
stimulating environment at an internationally renowned economics department.
The candidate will attend doctoral courses offered by UZH. The thesis typically consists of
three pieces of original research, including both single-authored and co-authored papers.

Please send applications by email to jgoeree@iew.uzh.ch. We plan to fill the position by February 1, 2010.


Beta Consulting ( Bengkeldata.com ) siap membantu perusahaan/perorangan dalam melakukan analisa data statistika, olah data penelitian , riset pasar dan konsultasi manajemen.

1. Olah Data Statistika/ Penelitian : Uji Parametrik & Uji Non Parametrik, Bootstrap, REGRESI, KORELASI, Multivariat, dll
2. Training Statistika : SPSS, Eview, SAS, Lisrel, Minitab, Amos
3. Riset Pasar
4. Management Consultancy

Beta Consulting ( Bengkeldata.com )
Telp: (021) 71088944 email : info@bengkeldata.com

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