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CSIRO recruitment - graduate fellows

Finished your degree in maths, statistics or computational sciences and thinking about moving into the workforce or doing a PhD? Well there is another choice. Experience a real research career first hand with CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics Graduate Fellows Program.

About the Graduate Fellows Program

CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics is offering graduate fellowships in the areas of:

• statistics

• mathematics

• computational science

• engineering.

The 2010 Graduate Fellows program will offer a handful of talented post-honours students the opportunity to solve real world problems and experience a research career with CSIRO.

The program duration is 2 years, starting in Janurary 2010 during which fellows will be paid a salary as a CSIRO employee.

The program will take an "apprentice approach" where you will be mentored by leading research scientists and work on a range of exciting projects with the potential for travel to an international conference at the end of the second year.

Fellowships are available to graduates who have completed an undergraduate degree (preferably with honours) in mathematics, statistics, computational science, engineering or science and have maintained a credit average or higher.

The Graduate Fellows program will include:

• A developmental or methodological project that the Fellow will be expected to present on at a reputable conference, ideally an international conference, at the end of their second year

• Rotation through three applied projects which are aligned with the developmental project

• Mentorship with leading research scientists

• Training in presentation and writing skills

• An opportunity to travel to an International conference to present your research paper.

• Media training with communicators


Beta Consulting ( ) siap membantu perusahaan/perorangan dalam melakukan analisa data statistika, olah data penelitian , riset pasar dan konsultasi manajemen.

1. Olah Data Statistika/ Analisa Data Penelitian : Uji Parametrik & Uji Non Parametrik, Bootstrap, REGRESI, KORELASI, Multivariat, dll
2. Training Statistika : SPSS, Eview, SAS, Lisrel, Minitab, Amos
3. Riset Pasar
4. Management Consultancy

Beta Consulting ( )
Telp: (021) 71088944 email :

Work on exciting projects under the guidance of your experienced supervisors

There are 12 projects to choose from in six locations around Australia:


• Project 1: Finding Unknown Genes using Statistics, Computing, and MAGIC

• Project 2: The detection, processing and quantitative analysis of thin Structures in digital images

• Project 3: Model Selection in Analysing Spatio-temporal Data


• Project 4: Covariate generation and selection for improved prediction and process understanding

Adelaide or Melbourne

• Project 5: Computational prediction of macroscopic material properties from digital representations of material microstructure


• Project 6: Integrating discrete element modelling (DEM) and smooth particle hydrodynamic (SPH) to address evolving challenges in musculoskeletal biomechanics

• Project 7: Modelling of extreme geophysical flow events

• Project 8: Stochastic Pathways based Systems Modelling


• Project 9: Early detection of change points

• Project 10: 3D imaging for plant and insect phenotyping

• Project 11: Segmentation of biological images by Markov chain Monte Carlo methods - applications to bacterial film dynamics, and stem cell segmentation in neurospheres


• Project 12: Investigations in mathematical and statistical methods for monitoring urban environments

For a full description of the projects visit

To apply see job number 2009/920 careers

Travel overseas to present your research paper at a top international conference

Job 2009/920 at

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